I am Brenda, the one and only behind BB ceramics.

I remember I was a child and the movie “Ghost” with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze was on TV. So much drama was happening in that movie  but I remember like it was yesterday only how Demi was looking mesmerized at the vase she was building with her own hands. Such an empowering and intimate moment between her hands and the clay.

This particular scene got stuck in my head for many  years without knowing actually that was the first sign from the Universe, showing my path. I’ve always been drawn to hand building and crafting. Just a tiny spark of inspiration and imagination can take you so far away. 

I recently took the  leap to open my own studio and let my mind and hands work together in creating beautiful and elegant ceramic pieces and there’s  no looking back. All of my pieces are one of a kind and each piece is made by hand from start to finish using porcelain clay and all my passion and dedication goes in every single piece I create.

I am committed to making work that is intentional, elegant, and intricate. I can't thank you enough for allowing my work to become a part of your home.  It is a true honour that I do not take lightly and that I am forever thankful for.